• I've tried a million things before this and I never had anything that really worked for me and didn't have anyone that really cares as much as you. I appreciate it a ton and it couldn't have been possible without you and this team!

  • I have struggled with body image and my relationship with food from a young age. I can honestly say you're the first person I have ever fully trusted with this all. This program as well as your help/ guidance outside of the plan have really changed my life!

  • I can honestly say I have never felt better/ more healthy than right now. You guys really know what you are doing! Plus, the support and encouragement you all offer is unbelievable. This team truly feels like a family.

  • You guys have a "lifer"! This program is incredible. Between the app and all of its great features to the attentiveness that goes into the weekly check-ins, this by far has been an amazing investment. So grateful to have found Team MakeWaves.

  • I hated my body and how I was with food a year ago. Now I can confidently say I am in a totally different place! I couldn't be happier with this program and how I feel.

  • These coaches know what they are doing. Plain and simple. I mean c'mon, just look at my progress photos! Team MakeWaves, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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