We provide all of the tools necessary for you within the Team MakeWaves Training App. Progress tracking, gym performance tracking, weigh-ins, progress photos, step counting, sleep tracking, macro counting... the list goes on and on!


We do weekly check-ins to monitor progress. You'll submit your weigh-in, progress photos, and check-in form & we'll look things over & make changes if they are needed. We will also send you voice memo fully breaking down your check-in & explaining any changes that we have made.


All of our coaches are easily accessible as you will have 1:1 messaging and calling access. We encourage you to ask as many questions as needed! We thrive on communication in order to build the best relationship possible.


You will have access to our Team MakeWaves Group Chat. Hundreds of like-minded individuals will hold you accountable along with the coaches. This access will also allow you to be a part of our weekly live training videos as well as having access to team guides & many other helpful resources. We are big on family & putting you in an environment to thrive. This is more than just 1:1 coaching.