The Truth Behind Supplements

The Truth Behind Supplements

There is not a week that goes by where someone doesn’t ask me “yo bro, what supplements are you taking?!” I honestly can say that this is the most common question that I get asked, and I can see why.

There are SO many supplements out there, and let me tell ya, the way they market their products is genius. “Get HUGE Fast”, “Massive Gains”, “Vein Busting Pumps” are some of the many labels you will read on these supplements. People fall for these phrases time and time again, because what these supplements are preaching is what the people want!

Before I began to educate myself on supplementation and daily nutrition, I was legit taking every supplement in the book, whether that is pre-workouts, BCAAs, creatine, protein, etc. If a supplement said “Get Ripped Fast” or “Get HUGE” I would buy it. But of course, I would be taking all of these supplements and would notice the smallest amount of gains, and it would be the most frustrating thing ever.

It was about 5 years ago when I got myself a coach, who is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to training and nutrition and he really knocked some sense into me when it comes to supplements. Immediately, he began to teach me how much a proper diet correlates with success in the gym and with your physique, and how supplements truly do not do much at all IF your diet and training aren't on point!

With my mindset now shifted on proper dieting and no longer on taking every supplement in the books, I was able to see some incredible changes with my physique, changes that took YEARS to get with taking and relying heavily on supplements, but of course with a good diet, I was able to accomplish them in a few short months.

Looking back, I am honestly happy I tried all these supplements out there, as I feel like every beginner in the gym goes through that “phase” where they rely on supplements to get them the results they want. But hey, you live and you learn and I am extremely fortunate to have a great coach in my corner who patiently explained how these supplements aren’t really what they are cracked out to be, and showed me how a proper diet is the true KEY to success, and boy oh boy, was he right.

And till this day, it is a value that I hold true with each and every client on my team, as I preach that their diet and training needs to be consistent and on point, before we even discuss adding in supplements. Because truth be told, if their diet and training are where they need to be, it is at that point where adding in certain supplements can further skyrocket their overall progress.

Moral of the story is to not fall for the labels on supplements, and begin to look at your diet, as your diet will be the foundation for success when it comes to the gym and to your physique! 

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