Stay On Track This Holiday Season

Stay On Track This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just a day away at this point and then Christmas coming shortly after, this is the number one question I get asked around this time of the year, and I’ll be honest with you guys in the past few years when November/ December hit, I usually just wrote it off completely. I’d still workout regularly but when it came to my diet... well that was a different story.

And while there is nothing wrong with some holiday indulgences, doing it daily throughout this time left me feeling sluggish, heavy and lethargic.... all in all, not a good feeling!

But last year I came at this time with a whole new mindset and I freaking loved it. Below are the 3 things that kept me feeling great last holiday season that I will be incorporating into this season as well!

  • NOT allowing the holidays to change all of my healthy nutrition habits. Will I still have that one cookie or chocolate to snack on a couple times here and there?? HECK YEAH! Just because I have a random treat at some point in the day doesn’t mean the day is “ruined”! It only gets “ruined” when you continue to overeat throughout the day.
  • Saying yes to the holiday treats that I really want! I don’t feel restricted because if I see something I really want, I will of course say "yes" to myself. Now, I don’t need/ eat every cookie or chocolate that crosses my path, but allowing myself to have these items from time to time definitely help satisfy some cravings ! And the beautiful thing is if you are tracking macros, you 100% can fit this stuff into your diet without an issue at all!
  • I’m still working out! I know the days get dark at 4PM now, which kills motivation for some of you guys to get up and get to the gym. But you know my opinion on motivation (stop relying on it in order to workout). But the point here is, staying active helps those extra holiday goodies not make a difference in my physique and honestly helps me feel energetic and motivated to eat well!

I hope these tips help some of you guys out this holiday season!

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